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Meet the Teachers

Hi, my name is Evan Simons.  I’m the owner and founder of Guitar Hut! I love and have been studying guitar since age 12.  I’ve attended college for music, played guitar in several different bands, and competed in a worldwide band competition (We toured all over NYC).  My favorite musical styles and influences come from reggae, blues, and classic/modern rock.  During our time together, you can expect to learn rhythmic patterns, guitar soloing, and song writing.  To me, what matters most is your technique and unlocking your creativity!  For the past 10 years, I’ve worked with all ages and all skill levels.  I’m ready to teach you any song or style that you want.  The only thing you have to do- is practice!  My e-mail address is info@guitarhutco.com.

Hello, my name is Anthony Manzanares.  I love shredding crazy licks on my guitar!  I’m gifted in Metal and Rock, and am currently studying Jazz and Classical music at University of Colorado, Denver.  I like to play and teach all musical genres.  I have been teaching guitar, bass, and ukulele since 2015, and have had great results with my students.  I enjoy teaching in a laid back atmosphere, and love when my students are eager to learn and be creative.  I am always willing to teach whatever it is a student desires, but my goal is to get my students to where they can improv/jam, as well as play songs they enjoy.  So get ready to rip it with me on the guitar, the bass, or even the ukulele! Whatever your goals are, I will help you to meet them! I can be found strumming away at Guitar Hut, but please feel free to email me at amz_manz@yahoo.com.

Hi, my name is Tim Philpott.  At Guitar Hut I teach bass, ukulele, banjo, and of course, guitar!  My favorite genres are Funk, Jazz, and Bluegrass- but I am a fan of all musical styles.  Music gives me so much inspiration and joy in life; and nothing pleases me more than to pass that onto others.  Although I also teach in Denver, you can find me at the “Hut” on Wednesdays.  Together, I can teach you any fretted instrument, any song you like, and show you how to emulate your favorite style of music.  Most importantly, I want to help you to become a great musician, and have fun doing it!  Please, feel free to e-mail me at timphilpott11@gmail.com.

Hello. My name is Jim Pollicita. I grew up playing accordion, but don’t let that worry you! I fell in love with the guitar before the Beatles and have been playing since my college days. I enjoy many kinds of music, but particularly singer-songwriters and finger-pickers. During the past 20 years, I have also played bass and guitar in worship bands and a local “cover” band. I am also a gear geek and guitar collector and do some set-up and repair work. Teaching has been part of my life for a long time; I have taught 8th grade science as well as educational psychology and organizational behavior at undergraduate and graduate levels, but teaching guitar is a new adventure. I view my role as partnering with you to define and address your musical goals, and, most of all, have fun learning. I am available at Guitar Hut Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. You can get in touch through pollicita@comcast.net .